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    • For English speacking players                       Forum Rules 1. General Provisions: 1.1 The administration reserves the right to make any changes on the forum without prior notice to the participants. 1.2 Ignorance of the rules does not exempt from the need to comply with them and responsibility for their violation. 1.3 All participants must independently track changes in the rules. 1.4 All information available on the server is for informational purposes only. All messages reflect the views of their authors, and the administration does not bear any responsibility for them. 1.5 The generally accepted language of communication on the forum is Russian. 1.6 Never mind the "forum trolls". Do not answer them, even if you think that you have been insulted, just inform the Moderators. The rest is the concern of the Forum Administration. 2. Registration and submission of personal information 2.1 Registration on the forum is voluntary. 2.2 Confirmation of registration on the forum means your agreement with these rules and the need to comply with them. 2.3 To register on the forum, the user must provide a valid email address. We guarantee the confidentiality of the specified information. 2.4 Nicknames containing website addresses, e-mail addresses, obscenities, insults, obscene, obscene words, their derivatives or allusion to them are not allowed. It is not allowed to use an identical nickname or parody the nickname of a representative of the Forum Administrations. 2.5 Multiple registrations are not allowed on the forum, that is, the establishment of several accounts by one user without prior approval from the administration. If there is a suspicion of multiple registration, the Forum Administration conducts an investigation, as a result of which it may decide to delete all accounts. 2.6 Any image that does not contain bloody scenes, scenes of violence, pornography, advertising or any other information that causes negative reactions from other users is allowed as an avatar and signature. It is not allowed to use an avatar the same or similar to the point of confusion as a representative of the Administration of the forum. 2.7 The provision of any personal information, except for those important for registration, in the profile is voluntary. 2.8 It is allowed to use information as a signature that does not contain immoral sayings and images, advertisements or any other information that causes negative reactions from other users. 2.9 The size of the signature should not exceed one third of the screen sheet.   3. Conditions for creating new topics and replies to existing topics: 3.1 Communication on the forum is based on the principles of generally accepted morality and netiquette. 3.2 There is no preliminary check of open topics and publications on the forum. As soon as you send a message, it is immediately published on the forum. The forum administration declines responsibility for the content of messages posted by users. Only the author is responsible for the content of the message. 3.3 Any registered member has the right to create a topic that matches the profile of the forum and is not repeated on this issue. 3.4 The title of the topic should be informative, as clearly as possible reflecting the meaning of the problem. Topics with the names "Admin", "Help" and simply not reflecting the essence of the issue are deleted without warning, and the author who created it is punished. 3.5 If the question concerns the topics of several forums, it is enough to ask your question only in one of them. 3.6 Before creating a topic with a question, try to correctly formulate your question for yourself. Check if it violates the Forum Rules, as well as additional rules of individual sections, they are the same law as the Forum Rules. 3.7 When creating a new topic, follow the rule: one question - one topic. If you have several questions, create an appropriate number of topics. 3.8 Use search forums to find answers to questions. If such a topic has already been created by someone else, ask a question in it. 3.9 Try not to make grammatical mistakes in your messages - this will create a negative impression of you. 3.10 Responsibility for the information posted from under the user's account is borne only by the user himself. The administration recommends not to allow the use of your credentials by third parties.   4. It is prohibited on the forum: 4.1 Call for violation of current legislation, racist statements, incitement to ethnic hatred and everything else that falls under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. 4.2 Post deliberately false information, slander, as well as use dishonest methods of conducting discussions. 4.3 Rude, obscene language and insults in any form - messages that are rude in tone and content. 4.4 Create topics containing any advertising, anti-advertising or commercial information, as well as links to sites in order to increase their traffic (Except for specially designated topics). 4.5 Use slang that may not be understood by other interlocutors. 4.6 Post information of erotic and pornographic content, links and passwords to sites of the above subject. 4.7 Write meaningless or low-content information that does not make sense; Flame and flood in thematic sections; Use the forum as a chat. 4.8 Quote the messages of the previous participant in full if it exceeds the size of 1 screen sheet. When quoting, focus on a specific phrase. 4.9 Create themes that have meaningless names, meaningless sets of letters, symbolic decorations. 4.10 Ask your question in an open topic, unless it is related to the issue discussed in this topic. Create threads with your questions, do not litter the forum with non-informative content. 4.11 Baseless and unsubstantiated statements, not supported by facts. 4.12 To raise your topic by adding messages or create new topics with the same content, if less than 24 hours have passed since the creation of the topic. 4.13 Disrespectful attitude towards the Administration of the forum, as well as open wrangling with it 4.14 Continuation of discussions of issues from topics closed / deleted by the administration. 4.15 Discussion of the actions of the Administration. If you want to say something, do it in person, via LAN. Or you can write a complaint about this or that moderator in this thread. 4.16 The use of red in your messages or signatures. Red color - allowed only for the administration of the forum. 4.17 Using a font size greater than 12 4.18 Creating 2 or more posts in a row in one topic (except for the AP topic in the trade section) 4.19 Post any copyrighted material if the copyright does not belong to you. 4.20 Indicate your contact information (Skype, ICQ, etc.) in the trading section. 4.21 Mention of other projects in any form.   5. The relationship between users and administration. 5.1 The administration of the forum monitors the order and observance of the rules of the forum by users. In its actions, the administration of the forum acts according to the situation, is guided by common sense and the internal rules of the forum management. 5.2 The Administration of the forum includes: Directly the Administrator of the forum, Support group, Senior moderator and Moderators. But among the listed there is a hierarchy and a distribution of responsibilities. 5.3 The administration reserves the right to transfer topics and individual posts that do not correspond to the topic of the forum to a suitable forum; close or delete topics that violate the established order and contradict the rules of the conference; block violators' access to the forum. 5.4 Messages and topics that violate the Forum Rules are subject to moderation, and if this operation is impossible, they are deleted entirely. Remember that the patience of the moderator is not eternal - the following measures will be applied at the discretion of the Administration to visitors who regularly and / or deliberately confuse what is allowed and what is not: - deleting messages; (Attention! Deleted messages are not saved and cannot be restored!) - warning in drugs; - public warning; - transfer to the "read-only" mode for a specified period (RO); - blocking an account for a certain period (ban); - removal from the forum (full ban); - blocking the provider's network; Remember that if you block your provider's network, you will deprive the opportunity to leave comments on materials not only yourself, but also other potential visitors to our site, working from the network of your provider. The level of restriction or the type of warning is chosen by the moderator depending on the violated paragraph of the rules and the presence of previously made comments. 5.5 The administration may impose suspended sentences. This means that when a punishment is conditionally imposed, no measures will be applied to the user, but in the event of another violation of the rules, the user can be punished for both violations. 5.6 The administration reserves the right to ignore individual violations of the rules, at its sole discretion. 5.7 Moderators and Support group are not regular responders to any questions, so please respect their work and comply with the requirements. 5.8 Messages of the moderator that are not related to moderation are private and do not represent the point of view of the administration.   6. Appeal of the actions of the Moderators The user, disagreeing with the decision of the Moderator, has the right to challenge his decision in several instances. Step one - discussing the measures applied with the person who passed the punishment. The moderator is obliged to answer the user who wants to discuss his actions, if the user applies through private communication channels and expresses his thoughts in the correct form, according to the rules of good form. Reasonable conversation most often leads to persuasion of one of the parties. If the conversation was reduced to a flood or was conducted incorrectly, the Moderator has the right to stop it. If no understanding is reached, the user can contact a superior person. The second step is filing a complaint. The user creates a topic in the appropriate forum, where he clearly sets out the sequence and essence of the events that occurred, his explanation and vision of the situation, as well as points on which he does not agree with the moderator. The administration will consider this complaint and make a decision that is final and not subject to appeal. The administration, having considered the case, may come to various decisions ranging from the removal of the Moderator from office due to incompetence or abuse of authority to toughening the punishment of the Participant who filed a complaint due to provocations and false accusations. Weigh everything well before going to the second step.
    • 1. The lissandra.su project is not a commercial publication. 2. All payments from users are voluntary. The server administration does not buy or sell anything. 3. The server administration shifts the commission of the unitpay payment system to the user's side. 4. When making donations, the user receives a virtual game currency, which he can spend in the game store. 5. Funds are non-refundable. In the event of any conflicts and controversial issues, the funds will be returned to the balance of your personal account.
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